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The Video & Graphic Design Department, also called the Creative Team, conjures all kinds of graphic assets, videos, and promotional materials and adapts them to a specific channel of communication (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The magic happens here—literally! These experts are responsible for the visual consistency of a game from a marketing standpoint and their graphic design ideas make our products so irresistible. 😉


You’re a Graphic Designer, which means:

You’re a special mission expert! Your day starts with meeting the team and creating a visual concept of a new product together. Soon after, you begin working on the determined vision and calmly accept that there’s less and less time—after all, creativity mixed with some adrenaline sounds like a cool challenge to you!

You’re open to feedback, so when it turns out your project needs additional improvements, you simply accept this fact and never hesitate. After a whole day of work you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished—each graphic asset that accompanies the game is your creation. 😊


  • Work on your graphic design portfolio—your skills and experience are important aspects of the recruitment process
  • Focus on autonomous development—search, practice, create!
  • Studies, courses, workshops—it’s worth it to polish your skills at workshops at art universities or graphic design courses, e.g. a motion design course
  • Follow the video game industry news—your knowledge of video game marketing as well as the industry itself will help you reach a better understanding of clients’ needs

You’re a Motion Designer, which means:

You’re passionate about creative work and have a flair for video, photography, and animation! We’d like to say that your day starts with specific tasks, but…work as a Motion Designer is full of unexpected plot twists. :D Still, let’s try to present at least one example. You edit video material provided by developers or interesting cuts on your own, then you combine them with music and 3D or 2D animation to create a consistent, visually attractive message. This is only the beginning of challenges such as creating ads, social media posts, and game trailers for a wider audience. 

You’re open to feedback because you know that creative work means always facing other people’s opinions. You’re not afraid of deadlines or building relationships with other departments in the company—working as a Motion Designer requires constant communication and being open to cooperation.


  • Become an expert in your tools—Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, etc.
  • Create a portfolio—show us your work
  • Gain technical skills—prepare scripts and storyboards, 2D animation, and edit videos and music
  • Polish your foreign language skills—a C1 level of English is essential
  • Follow the latest trends—the creative industry is full of animation, special effects, or video editing news, so stay up to date and discover new things 

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