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Getting games certified, introducing products to shops, and contacting platform holders is only a small part of the Release Department’s tasks. Experts in this department uphold product quality and responsible sales—the decision whether a game is released on a specific console is in their hands. In reality, before our long-awaited title can reach platforms, the whole process of approving the game in terms of formal or technical requirements is carried out by the reliable Release Managers!

You’re a Release Manager, which means:

You know how to carry out the process of game certification, taking into account requirements set by video game platform holders (Valve, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, etc.), so to put it simply—you have a unique chance to catch all the mistakes which may disrupt the process of obtaining approval to release a specific game (psst…you have access to secret knowledge!).

During the day you contact several departments, organize meetings, and accurately fill in forms, and when Aneta (your team’s coordinator) talks to clients in Japanese you don’t look surprised—after all, international communication is easy-breezy for the Release Department.


  • Polish your foreign language skills—a C1 level of English is essential (a command of Japanese is an extra advantage)
  • Begin your career path as a QA Tester—you’ll learn the character of video games and learn to analyze formal and technical problems; you’ll also discover the arcana of game certification
  • Follow job openings in Game Dev and try to get at least a year of experience in the industry
  • Gain experience in managing projects—organizational and administrative skills are crucial for this position
  • Play games—search for, follow, and discover video game industry news

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