QA Department

QA Department specialists test games regarding their functionality, so to put it simply—they test, test, and then do some more testing! They’re not afraid of bugs or glitches and thanks to their thorough work, we can enjoy our favorite games to our hearts’ content.

You’re a QA Tester, which means:

You’re a fearless bug hunter! You come to work ready for another challenge involving testing a new game feature. You have access to several projects every day, fill in technical documentation, contact developers, and make sure that the game you’re testing is an open book to you. In addition, you’re an avid player, so being a QA Tester is pure pleasure. 😊


  • Play video games—get to know new titles, work out games’ stories, and become a true expert
  • Technical English—polish your English skills regarding technical vocabulary (you’ll work with plenty of documentation!)
  • Get to know gaming platforms—knowing their character is an extra advantage
  • Focus on development—a QA Tester position is the perfect option for those who want to start their career in Game Dev

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